We're surrounded by the convenience of technology. It's in our vehicles to help us identify a problem, in our workplace to increase efficiency and productivity, and in our pockets to keep us in touch. Progressive Home brings that same convenience home. We work with homeowners to create an exciting living experience with home technology while increasing home value. As Nevada's largest and most recognized provider of home electronic system integration services, we provide innovative solutions and reliable customer service. From home security to home entertainment, we help you create an environment that conveniently brings technology into everyday living.



Peace of Mind

Today it is easier than ever to keep an eye on your home.  Home Surveillance is always accessible from the phone in your pocket.  Cameras outside the home are also the most effective deterrent for home related crime.


Home Control has come of age.  Not only is access of lighting, door locks and thermostats at your fingertips, but we specialize in the autonomous home.  A home that anticipates your needs and works for you.



Our time spent at home should be relaxing and recharging.  Family Room entertainment systems, music throughout the home, Media Rooms with gaming systems and dedicated Home Theaters all increase the quality of time spent at home