"Neighborhood Watch" goes High Tech....

Got Cameras?

The "Neighborhood Watch" idea is now using technology to make communities even safer.  Crowdsourcing the Surveillance Cameras in your neighborhood by making your recorded video available to Law Enforcement through a simple registration process seems like a fantastic idea to us.

Please note....providing them footage from your cameras if they ask for it during an investigation is up to you and also completely voluntary.  PD does NOT have "live" access to your cameras.  Please see the video below for more details.

We recommend that all of our clients please consider signing up for this program with the LVMPD.

HPD has also recently announced a similar program if you live in the Henderson area.   Henderson's program is called "C.A.P.T.U.R.E."

Pet Lovers Rejoice!! Vac-N-Groom is coming!!

Our latest in cutting edge / high tech / innovative products really is genius....a pet brush for breeds that shed.

One of the MANY benefits of a Central Vacuum system is that they are quiet.  The power unit is mounted in the garage so all you hear from a wall inlets or hose is wind.  We haven't tried this product yet, but considering it won't be noisy, we believe it will be pet friendly.....possibly even therapeutic.  Can't wait for these to arrive....

Got Superbowl?

We have had a number of inquiries about Cox & the CBS outage / negotiations in Las Vegas. If things don't get settled by Sunday, the "CBS Sports" app on Apple TV, Roku, XBox, etc... is probably the easiest way to get the game. An antenna is also a great (and free) way to watch local broadcasts. CBS signal is strong in Las Vegas and with the change to digital, the picture quality of "off air" is perfect.