"Connected Home" on your Wrist

The developers at Leviton have been busy! 

Two weeks ago we mentioned that the Snaplink home control app was made available for Windows 10 computers....and last Friday we learned about a new version for the Apple Watch.

We have noticed a few bugs in the the operation of the watch app......caveat emptor.  Once those get worked out, I anticipate this being the most useful home interface in the toolbox.


Snap-Link App for Windows 10 is now available

Leviton has just released a Windows 10 version of Snap-Link to provide home control of Leviton (HAI) Security and Automation systems.  This version works on all Windows 10 devices including PC's, Phones and Tablets.

Progressive Home has been "beta" testing this for about a week and found it to be nearly identical to the Snap-Link experience on iOS, Android and the Leviton in-home touchscreen keypads.  The obvious benefit is a unified experience regardless of the device people are using at any given moment.  

You can find the new app on the Microsoft App store and it is priced at a discount of $15.99 until January 1'st.

Leviton's official press release can be found here.

If you experience any problems with this PC version of Snap-Link, please drop us a note.  It is a new product for us too!!