Privacy & Data Security

In the digital age, information security has become a critical part of your Home Security plan.  Malware, Spyware, Identity Theft and the rise of thousands of internet connected devices (IoT) for the home have been on a steady increasing since "The Net" was born.   Most recently, Privacy and the introduction of Ransomware have been added to our list of concerns.  

We hear about the large Corporate security breaches on the news, but countless exploits of home systems goes largely unreported each day.  Unfortunately, we can expect a significant increase in these digital home invasions in the near future due to the exponential increase in the number of "smart" devices now being produced for the home.

Progressive Home is taking a proactive approach to the problem.  Rather than offer different Firewall products for clients with different ranges of expertise, we have selected just one Firewall product to handle the range of simple to very complex home systems.  Whether you have a difficult time spelling "net" or you wear a Guy Fawkes mask late at night, you will find the feature set, stability and reputation of our PFSense based Firewall Appliances to be in a class all by itself.  

Enterprise grade security features at a price 10 times less than the "big iron" equipment?   Yes!



Open Source - Peer reviewable programming code results in better security and an emphasis on quality / reliability.

Performance - 1 Gigabits per second throughput on 3 separate Intel based Network Interface Cards..

Security - From simple routing, to advanced intrusion prevention & detection + soooo much more.

Flexibility - An extensive library of both internal features and 3'rd party integrated packages .


Savings - It is far more cost effective to own your Modem.  Cancel your "Lease" with your internet provider and supply your own.

Speed - Rated at 1.4 Gigabits per second, this modem is perfect for today's "Giga" speeds.

Longevity - Our current modem can handle speeds 40% faster than the highest speed currently available in Las Vegas.