Security at home is significantly improved with Surveillance.  

The popularity of "Security Cameras" at home has been remarkable in recent years.  Not only are we more conscious about home safety,  but technology has made this category more useful than ever.  Just about every homeowner has a smart phone with them at all times....and a home which is always connected to the internet.  Couple that with some high definition CCTV cameras visible around your home, and you will have the single greatest deterrent to neighborhood crime.

But the benefits of Surveillance go far beyond just deterring crime.  It also provides Peace of Mind.  Perhaps you want to keep an eye on the kids swimming in the pool while you are preparing dinner.  Many of our clients like to enjoy the company of their pets "virtually" while they are at work.  And nothing is more calming than being able to verify that "everything is ok" when you get an alert on your phone that your security alarm has just tripped.

Progressive Home offers a vast selection of surveillance products in order to meet the needs of nearly any residential environment.  Both our Design Consultants and our Installation Technicians have extensive experience with these products and how best to apply their specific features in different locations.  Whether you need 90 degrees of "Fish-Eye" view to capture everything at your front door, or 200+ feet of infra-red night vision keeping an eye on the desert behind your property at night, we will assist you in selecting the most economical solution for each circumstance.